Activate: Market Street Featured Artist Juno Zago

Born in Brazil, Joao (Juno) Zago came to the United States at the age of eleven and lived in Newark, NJ where he graduated from Arts High School. His art school rearing, coupled with his interest in different art forms inspired him to explore and create work in the areas of drawing, oil painting, metal casting, installation, collage and assemblage.

Recently his work has addressed the idiosyncrasies of self-image in various ways. Though he spent considerable time analyzing the issue of sexuality, Juno’s newest work now addresses more objective concerns such as the hoarding of objects and clothes. These works are inspired by the visual nature of Cubism and the formal quality of plenty of Modernist work.

Juno currently lives in Kearny, NJ and is enrolled at Ramapo College of New Jersey where he’s taken on a Visual Arts Major with concentrations in Drawing and Painting as well as Art History.


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