ACTIVATE: Market Street Featured Artist Robert Lach

Nesting is both a joyous time for birth, comfort and rest, and a fight for survival from the elements of the natural world. Nature provides beauty and tranquility but also potential danger and destruction. It can be a nightmare.

Lach builds nests and nest-like structures based on the architecture of birds, animals, and insects. Viscerally attracted by their nostalgia, ware, and uselessness, Robert mimics their design, form and structure patterns using locally gathered objects, trash, and recycled materials.


Born and raised in northern New Jersey, Robert is a multidisciplinary artist and art handler in the NY metropolitan area. His art explores the personal narrative, using art as a mechanism to express or give voice to the human condition. He views art making as a holistic process and vehicle to heal the self. Found objects, trash, and locally gathered detritus are the muse for sculpture, photography, and installation work. Lach has exhibited his work in many solo, group, and site-specific projects. He graduated from New Jersey City University with a BFA in sculpture (2012). This past year he was commissioned by the Atlantic City Alliance, and Fung Collaboratives for his first public art project, Refuge Nest Colony, for the Artlantic sculpture park in Atlantic City, NJ.


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