Activate: Market Street Featured Artist Lizzy Storm

Activate: Market street 7

Lizzy Storm
October 15th – December 19th
Storefront Window @ 77 Market Street

Lizzy Storm’s artwork addresses space, light, and perception. Inspired by calculus and higher mathematics and how they are used in physics and other sciences, she delves into the mystery of the infinitely small and the infinitely large and comes to the surface with diagrammatic, illustrative works informed by the complexity of nature as well as minimal forms. She uses artistic conventions like atmospheric perspective, color theory, and tonal structure in combination with mathy visualizations like vector or streamline plots and three dimensional metric space to inspire visual thinking on abstract concepts.

Through her work, she can connect not only to experienced members of the science and technology communities, but to young thinkers who are also inspired by math and other STEM fields. Somewhere in the middle, countless thousands of “nonmath people” can still find a way to contemplate the beauty in the artwork.

Lizzy Storm is an emerging artist raised and currently residing in West Orange, NJ. A view of New York City’s skyline from the hills of her home town has left Lizzy with a constant reminder of the visual information involved in understanding deep space and spatial relationships. Studying illustration at Rhode Island School of Design, Lizzy honed her skills in visual communication. A well of inspiration was opened through her investigation of geometric perspective drawing in conjunction with landscape painting. The resulting work, both 2D and 3D, bridges a gap between the romanticism and realism of illustration and the abstract mathematics of geometry and physics. She has returned home to New Jersey to exhibit and work in the local arts community.