Activate: Market Street Featured Artist Katelyn Liepins

Activate: Market Street 7

Katelyn Liepins
September 5th – October 3rd
@ 75 and 77 Market Street

Katelyn Liepins currently lives in Bordentown, New Jersey and is a recent graduate from The College of New Jersey with her B.A. in Art Education and a minor in Psychology. She has been working with lines and how they can exist beyond the traditional drawing form for the past few years. She is constantly challenging what is a drawing and how can it exist in multiple mediums. Coming from a family of architects, she is attracted to the sharp crisp lines within a space and uses them consistently within her art. By using line, she likes to draw the viewer’s focus to a particular area of the space or to point out architectural elements that are typically overlooked. For example, the way the wall meets the floor, or how the corners of a room interact with one another. Beyond installations, Katelyn is also experimenting with video and performance art dealing with the body and it’s relationship to the audience.