Activate: Market Street Featured Artists Nell Painter

Activate: Market Street 7

Nell Painter
Curated by Jo-El Lopez
October 14th – November 14th
Storefront Window @85 Market Street

Nell Painter (formerly known as the historian Nell Irvin Painter—author of The History of White People and Sojourner Truth, A Life, A Symbol, among her seven authored books, and the recipient of many fellowships [e.g., Guggenheim, Fulbright], honorary degrees [e.g., Yale, Dartmouth], and awards [e.g., Centennial Medal, Harvard]—and Edwards Professor of History, Emerita, at Princeton University) is a painter who lives and works in Newark, New Jersey. She works digitally and manually, with subject matter both visible and obscured, depending on the work and her inclination toward meaning.

As a painter and former historian, she takes inspiration from archives, visual and historical. The book plates of Art History by Nell Painter Volume XXVII: Ancestral Arts were originally inspired by pieces she showed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2013, themselves responding to a Met exhibition on African art and New York modernism. They revision an art history with multiple origins, visual and social.