Activate: Market Street Featured Artist Joseph O’Neal

Joseph O’Neal is a multi-disciplinary artist but approaches all projects through the eyes of a painter, reacting to previous marks and only moving in directions that beckon. In his current work O’Neal explores the power of making as content; a way to connect viewers as well as himself to past and present humanity. By forcing himself to float only in the current moment of working O’Neal presents an opportunity for viewers to do the same. The artist views the act of making as a transcendental process and takes strict steps to ensure the work he creates doesn’t become the object of his desire. In doing so the process remains the sacred dance. The finished work becomes an artifact of what took place but never the objective.

Joseph O’Neal Claims North Carolina as his home and works in Newark, New Jersey. O’Neal is an internationally collected artist having participated in group and solo exhibitions through out The United States, Europe, and Mexico; including large scale exhibitions in Basel, Switzerland in 2011 and 2015 respectively. Joseph’s work has appeared in publications such as The Basler Zeitung, Sensitive Skin Magazine, Art Rated, Still Developing: A Story of Instant Gratification, as well as interview features with Telebasel, and NPR.