Activate: Market Street Featured Artist Agnes Deja

Agnes Deja is a visual artist working mainly in painting and sculpture. Deja is currently experimenting with acrylic painted and wire supported asphalt-infused paper. The artist explores both the material qualities and the process involved into expressive gestural work of creating abstract sculptural forms. While working on the surface of painting which is then destroyed and reshaped, the artist opens up to accompanying introspective reflections, especially those referring to kinesthetic memories and our perception of space. Through exploration of the tensile strength of the materials, organic line drawing with creases and folds, and building positive and negative spaces with three dimensional forms, Deja’s artistic process parallels that of our common ancestors’ nomadic journeys in the unknown and our connection to the surrounding environment.

Deja immigrated to the U.S. in her early 20s following her graduation with an M.A. in Psychology. The artist exhibited her work in Europe as well as in NJ and NY, photography being her first artistic medium. In 2011 Deja received her master degree in Fine Arts from Montclair State University and that year joined the vibrant Newark art scene with a solo paintings show at Index Gallery / 27 Mix. Combining artistic career with being a busy mom of two toddlers, Deja has also begun organizing exhibits as an independent curator. Deja has been an artist in residence at Index Art Center, Newark NJ since 2015.