ACTIVATE: Market Street 5 Featured Artist Sunil Garg

Sunil’s work involves use of natural and computer programmed light, with reflection, movement and shadows. This work started with creation of diaphanous, abstract cloud-like hanging and mobile pieces constructed from wire mesh in an effort to represent the ever changing nature of sleep and dreams. He subsequently added computer programmed RGB lighting to these moving pieces both indoors and outdoors and became fascinated by the grey scale and chromatic shadows that resulted. More recently, based on the environment available for exhibition, he has produced work that uses tubular and planar surfaces either in natural light or in conjunction with programmed RGB lights.

His work uses accessible materials such as, paper, wire mesh, expandable foam, discarded plastic bags, and packaging, to create forms that interrogate and respond to the conditions of the environment they are placed in. His work is intended to adapt to its environment and change depending on environmental and visual points of view and also challenge viewers’ preconceptions and biases.

Sunil has exhibited in a diverse set of venues – e.g., a formal lobby atrium of the lawyers’ association in New Jersey; a 1600 sq. ft. windowless vault in a former 150 year old textile mill; a verdant garden in Key West, Florida, and in the grounds of a luxury hotel. In each of these venues, he has invoked some part of the essence of the venue in the final work – a disappearing shark as vernacular for environmental challenges and as a commentary on the legal profession; wire mesh as proxy for textiles; plant like forms and colors in the garden, abstract architectural forms at the hotel.

“A Comfortable Illusion of Order”, the work for ACTIVATE: Market Street, was created for its location, a former furniture store display window in Newark, NJ. It evokes planar forms of pieces of furniture in a seemingly chaotic state illuminated at night by a program of lights.

Sunil Garg began painting, drawing and playing music at a young age in India. He was an itinerant apprentice if you will, since he was 10 or 12, with established artists, sculptors, commercial painters, textile and fabric designers, and musicians. He learned techniques of material preparation, oil and linen painting, sculpture and music from these “gurus”. He has done studio work at the NJ Center for the Visual Arts, and the National Academy School. He is a resident at Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ.

After earning a Ph.D., in Physical Chemistry, at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, Sunil did scientific research developing new materials and fabrication processes for consumer, textile and electronic applications. The technical experience and foundation in understanding materials and their properties under various environments he gained is critical and useful in his art work now. He, subsequently, earned a J.D. at Rutgers and practiced environmental, energy and natural resources law. Most recently, he was engaged in renewable energy and waste management handling in excess of 1.1 billion pounds of discarded materials annually. He continued to be involved with art and music (playing and recording avant-garde jazz) while engaged in these careers, and for the past 2 years, he devotes all his time to art.

Sunil amalgamates his scientific and technical experiences, his involvement with environmental and waste management issues, and musical and art and performance experiences in his art work.

He has exhibited solo at Sridharani Gallery, New Delhi, India, and his numerous group exhibitions include, e.g., Sculpture Key West, Florida, Queens Museum, New York City, Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ, the New Jersey Law Center, New Brunswick, NJ, Chelsea Highline Open Studios, NYC, National Academy Museum on Museum Mile in NYC, Art Factory, Paterson, NJ, Crossing Art Gallery, NYC, and the Akins Museum in Pawling, New York grounds of Grand Summit Hotel, Summit, NJ, Activate Market Street. He will be participating in the Clio Art Fair in Chelsea, in March 2015.


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